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making news on this monday, september 13th. >> a waiting game for the family of an american woman held in iraq. they thought they'd be seeing her on saturday. now today could be the day. and storm watch. the newest system to keep an eye on this week a monster hurricane named igor. and is the feud finished. taylor's most hyped showdown with kanye west. and more surprises on mtv's biggest awards show of the year.
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good morning, and thanks for being with us on this monday. well, it is the announcement that an american family has waited for more than a year to hear and it's the announcement that could come at anytime. >> sarah shourd, the american held in iran is expected to be leased. >> abc's lara setrakian is following the story. >> reporter: good morning. as you said, sarah shourd could be freed anytime. and she's up for bail. she's been in solitary confinement for more than a year. her family tells us she's in ill health with a possibly precancerous condition and has had no access to medical care. she has had some contact with the other detainees, the two other americans in prison today. they were arrested after allegedly rossing the iraq
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border. only now are we hearing about a coming trial and a possible sentence up to ten years behind bars. their lawyer in tehran has told me he's actually optimistic about the case going to trial. the only way to get the case resolved is to get the three americans back safe at home. >> sarah shourd was, of course, to be released on saturday and that was canceled. lara, why all the back and forth? >> reporter: it's really a question control and politics. president mahmoud ahmadinejad has a tense relationship with the people who run the court system. hi government had planned that release on saturday. a big ceremony and fanfare so ahmadinejad could take the credit for this grand humanitarian gesture. but the court officials said, oh, no, you don't. we'll release her but do it in our way. it's kind of like how politics have interfered with the hikers while they sit stranded in a
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jail. in other news now, congressional lawmakers get back to work today in the last session before the crucial mid term elections in november. as david kerley reports one especially divisive issue has now soared to the top of the agenda. >> reporter: in a week during which you'll hear a lot of this -- >> tax cuts. >> tax cuts. >> tax cuts. >> tax cuts -- >> reporter: -- expect an ear sfl. and a stunning admission from the top republican in the house. >> the only option i have is to vote for those 250 and below, of course i'm going to do that but i think that's bad policy. >> reporter: a nod to the president's plan and a strategic effort to blunt mr. obama's latest attack. >> let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else, we should not hold the middle class hostage any longer.
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>> reporter: it will give $700 billion to cut the deficit. >> borrowing $700 billion for tax cuts that average more than $100 million a year, to millionaires and even billionaires is the least effective bang for the buck we could have. >> reporter: extending it costs the government $3.7 trillion over ten years. >> what are the odds that the bush tax cuts get extended before election day? >> i'd say the chances are zero that they get extended. >> reporter: what we're seeing is the white house worried about john boehner being the next speaker. so the white house press secretary was quick to point to a ntsz it's in story, a republican leader tightly bound to lobbyists, including those from wall street. >> so they can go back to writing the rules themselves. they said we don't need to buy
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access. >> david kerley, abc news, the white house. and tax cuts were one of the themes as thousands of tea party members turned out for rallies across the country. in sacramento an estimated 4,000 people joined a united to the finish rally. what was far fewer than the 25,000 to 50,000 that organizers had predicted in washington, d.c. several thousand people marched from the washington monument to the capitol. state regulators in the wake of thursday's massive explosion in san bruno, california. four people are confirmed dead so far. two the six people missing have been found alive. and residents are now swarming the neighborhood hoping to be among the few allowed back in their homes. neal karlinsky spoke to many of the others left disappointed? >> you came here thinking you could come home and now you can't? >> now they told us we can't. >> a document has surfaced
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showing that the pg&e determined three years ago that the gas line was at risk for failure. and investigators plan to reconstruct the metal pipe and said to be questioning employees today. crews are battling a second wildfire in the colorado foothills. by sunday the fire had destroyed at least one home near loveland. in boulder residents were allowed to return to their burned out neighborhoods for the first time. there are reports that a blaze may have been start bud a resident's fire pit meaning criminal charges could be filed. another monster storm is gaining strength in the atlantic. hurricane igor is a category 5 with winds hitting 150 miles an hour. igor is far from land and expected to be near bermuda by saturday morning. behind igor is tropical storm julia which could become a
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hurricane this week. and now for this morning's weather from and the country. another dreary day here in new york with light scattered showers stretching as star north as vermont. hail from nebraska and kansas. showers from dallas and houston. rain south of denver and albuquerque. >> 80s in baltimore, 64 in boston. 77 in detroit. 85 in omaha and 73 in the twin cities. 90s in new orleans and dallas. phoenix will climb to 103. colorado springs, 93. 87 in boise and 70 in seattle. when we come back, sold, the highest price ever paid for a home. you won't believe it. plus where all the gulf oil has gone. and the big win on the world stage for team usa.
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encouraging economic data out of china this morning has helped to lift overseas markets. tokyo's nikkei average rose 0.9% today. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london the ftse opened higher. the world's top regulators have agreed on new rules designed to prevent another major financial crisis. the centerpiece of the deal encourages banks to increase the amount of capital they hold. some banks say that would also reduce the lending and actually
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slow down economic growth. the rules must be ratified by the g-20 nation before taking effect. harley-davidson workers vote on a contract that would freeze pay and slash jobs. the company has threatened to move its lat two fact tors out of the home state of wisconsin if they don't accept it. wireless internet is expected to get a lot more powerful. later today the s.e.c. is expected to open up airwaves. it could also help to bring internet to remote parts of the country. at the movies "resident evil after life" took the top spot. the lowest grossing weekend of the year. the 3-d movie had $28 million in ticket sales. the best "takers" finished a distant second followed in third by "the american."
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the proud owner of the most expensive home. the apartment in monaco went for $305 million. each suite has its cinema and two bathrooms. coming up on this monday morning, the gulf oil is it hiding or in plain sight? and at the vmas taylor swift respondses in song to kanye west in the most tight moment of the night. ♪ for strong bones, i take calcium.
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state. each team must transform a massive pile of sand into a beautiful creation. and flooding from i-35 from kansas city to wichita. wet in the northeast from i-95 from new york city to new england. wet on i-45 from houston. and if you're flying today expect airport delays in kansas city, dallas, houston, boston and in new york. for months, we all watched as millions of gallons of oil from bp's blownout well spread across the gulf of mexico. >> but where did all that mucky sludge actually wind up? some scientists say they know. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: for 86 days bp's doomed well gushed oil into the gulf over 180 million gallons. 17 "exxon valdezes," so where did it go?
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a study last month said 70% of the oil was scooped up, burned up or evaporated. now scientists say they have a simpler answer. it sank. >> it's all gone. it's on the bottom. a lot of it is on the bottom. >> reporter: dr. joy and her team have been taking core samples. she said she found a field of oil two inches thick spreading as far as 70 miles from the well head. >> if you could pinpoint one thing for us that's the most worrisome? >> there's nothing living here other than bacteria. i've yet to see a living thing, a worm, nothing. >> reporter: joy says if those organisms are affects perhaps fish and larger fish would be. working with academy scientists
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to monitor the oil surface. but that hasn't always been the case. in may, she was part are of a team. at first the administration demanded that he stop talking about the plume. ultimately the government and bp acknowledged the plume's existence. do you expect to be houndsed because of this discovery as well? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: this time, joye says she has more research but is convinced the evidence speaks for itself. matt gutman, abc news. a sunday boat ride ended up with two families going to the hospital. witnesses say one boat ran into the side of the other boat sinking it. all of the kids were wearing their life vests. in sports headlines this morning, the u.s. again shows the wod its best in basketball. winning the world basketball
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championship. an 81-60 victory over the hometown time. the first nfl sunday of the season, number one draft pick sam bradford, arizona beat st. louis 17-13. and no effects from last week's car crash on tom brady's throwing arm. his debut of chad ochocinco and terrel owens. good morning, i'll steve weissman with the espn news update. >> redskins taking on the cowboys. first quarter no score. third and seven. mcnabb got those old legs. 17-yard gain. coach mike shanahan likes his new quarterback. redskins would settle for a
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field goal on the drive. cowboys, tony romo, he makes the wrong choice. fumbles and that's deangelo hall, the other way for the touchdown. redskins up 10-0 at the half. with 19 seconds on the clock, cowboys still trailing fourth and ten. romo to miles austin. austin with ten catches for 146 yards. first down, dallas. now, three seconds left. last chance for the cowboys. romo eludes the rush. roy williams, wide open, touchdown, dallas. but wait. there's a flag on the play. it's a holding penalty against alex ferentz. yeah. clearly a hold. redskins go on to win 13-7, the final. that's your espn news update. i'm steve weissman. back to you in new york. it was a big night for some of the youngest and hottest
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entertainers around with lady gaga going bigger than ever. >> the mtv music awards gave lady gaga video of the year and best new artist went to justin bieber for "baby." and eminem took home the best male video for "not afraid. and taylor swift sang a sympathetic and forgiving ballad to kanye west. she was later followed by kanye's performance highlighting his obnoxious behavior. >> 64 cher presented lady gaga the award. she joked that she had shoes from most of the nominees. >> there she is. the state of the hikers held
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of health issues. congressional lawmakers return from their summer break before their final session in november. topping the agenda, a face-off over whether bush administration tax cuts should expire at the end of the year or be extended. president obama visits fairfax, virginia, where he will meet with a local family in their home before hosting a discussion on the economy with families from the area. ntsb investigators are set to begin reconstructing a natural gas pipeline that exploded into that giant deadly fireball which leveled an entire neighborhood in san bruno, california. fire crews in colorado are battling a second wildfire in the foothills. at least one home in loveland has been destroyed and others are threatened. and television history will be made today as oprah winfrey begins her 25th year on the air. we know that the queen will dance on stage with actor john travolta. >> she'll be keeping busy,
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and finally this morning, an emotional weekend of remembrance. nine years after the 9/11 attack. >> flowers were placed in a reflecting pool at ground zero and the victims' names were read allowed. president obama attended and first lady michelle obama spoke in pennsylvania in shanksville. >> t.j. winick explains. >> reporter: at first glance, this pear tree looks like all the rest in this bronx nursery, but look a little closer and it's an incredible journey. one that began nine years ago. in the days after september 11th, rescue workers were in a race against time to find survivors. this tree, bent and broken, was pulled out from under 12 feet of rubble. it had sprung a small branch, willing itself to survive.
4:29 am
richie cabbol has been nursing the tree back to health from the very beginning. >> when we saw the tree come up, it looked like a wounded soldier. >> reporter: it became known as the survivor tree, serves as an inspiration for all those who escaped ground zero. >> people want to be part of it, people want to hug this three because they're the survivors. >> reporter: soon it will return home at what will be the national september 11th memorial and museum. there will be 416 of them in all, all of them, white oaks like this one right here, except for one, the survivor tree. >> you look at that, oh, yeah that burned bark, that's from 9/11. everything is regrowth. >> reporter: the tree now stands 35 feet high and is thriving after having made it through new york and america's darkest day.

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